Kenji Hirasawa

Bemo Jake
28 x 21.7 cm / 72 pages
Glossy paperbound hardcover
46 colour photographs
ISBN: 978-0-9562470-2-5

Work undertaken:
Design / Typography / Layout / Editing and selection

For Celebrity, I worked closely with Maxwell Anderson from Bemojake and with Hirasawa to edit the photographs into a concise sequence. I then designed the layout and typography. The idea was to use soft colours that built up to the hard colours inside, a baby blue and baby pink that share links with the idea of celebrity, and then to blind emboss the title on the cover; a harbinger to the semi-visible celebrities in the photographs.

Celebrity is a criticism on the social impact of idolisation and capricious desires. Who are these people we admire so much, what role do they play in our lives, and what absurdities do they evoke from us? 

Thermographically photographing wax work models at Madame Tussauds of supposedly aspirational figures and the public reacting to them Hirasawa presents us with social relationships both separated and intensified by these lifeless figures we call celebrities, creating metaphors of themselves as existential intimations that we can never actually be close to.